Mathieu Garcia
DevOps, Site Reliability Engineer


I am a passionate devops sysadmin. I've always worked as a team player and created some opensource projects, sharing my ongoing research with my colleagues or friends. One of my favourite subjects is automation at scale and observability.

Work Experience

Lyon, FR
Web Cloud Databases as a Service
2020 – Present
Devops SRE
Imagine a constantly growing platform currently hosting 1.2 million of databases, you have to share resources between customers and make sure that a user's behavior doesn't impact their neighbor. Customers' orders must be delivered in a matter of seconds, regardless of the number. We collectively make decisions which implies strong communications skills and a flexible way of thinking.
  • My daily tools are git, python, and CI/CD softwares
  • I use puppet to manage the servers configuration
  • Our public cloud infrastructure is fully deployed with Terraform Enterprise
  • Our docker images are built with a smart toolchain based on ansible/packer
  • A few numbers: +1K servers, +50K containers, +1.2M customers
Saint-Etienne, FR
Telecom, web agency, cloud provider
2019 – 2020
Opensource IT expert
As an IT expert, I worked on strategic workflows to improve cooperation between teams.
  • I took part in a collaborative standardization process to deliver services (plan, build, run)
  • I built a web cloud infrastructure on Azure to host thousands of websites
Saint-Etienne, FR
Telecom, web agency, cloud provider
2016 – 2019
Project leader
Build, deploy and operate infrastructures and services.
  • During 4 years, I built custom web infrastructures for our customers
  • That's how I learnt how to build infrastructure and deploy softwares with Ansible
  • A few numbers: +80 Ansible projects, +500 servers
Saint-Etienne, FR
Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieur de Saint-Etienne
2014 – 2016
DevOps, Project leader
Build, deploy and operate infrastructures and services.
  • I used Spacewalk and kickstart
  • I configured few tools to monitor the platform (Centreon, nrpe agent)
  • A few numbers: +200 Vmware servers, +500 computers for students
Paris, FR
Union des Caisses Nationales de la Sécurité Sociale
2012 – 2014
Project leader
Build, deploy, operate infrastructures and services.
  • I was in charge of the integration environment
  • My mission was to define technical specifications between developpers and projects leaders
  • I deployed a monitoring stack based on Centreon, snmp, nrpe agent
  • It was a very interesting job with a lot of Redhat clusters
  • A few numbers: +200 Redhat Linux servers
Paris, FR
Centre Régional de traitement informatique, Caisse d'Allocation familiale
2008 – 2012
DevOps, Project leader
Operate infrastructures and services.
  • I had to manage AIX IBM infrastructure for our internal customers
  • We hosted softwares (Java J2EE) for all Paris departments
  • A few numbers: +200 servers, +3M user connections every day


Saint-Etienne France



Toolbox Expert
Ansible Packer Terraform
Cloud providers Expert
OVHcloud ScaleWay
Hypervisors Senior
Containers Expert
LXC Docker
Monitoring, metrology, alerting Senior
Prometheus Alertmanager Blackbox Grafana
Programming languages Senior
Bash Nodejs Python Go
Hashistack Senior
Nomad Consul Vault
Personal R&D Senior
Automation Multi cloud Build factory CI/CD


Pull request, OVHcloud terraform provider
Mathieu Garcia
20 December 2022

This feature allows our customers to deploy Web Cloud Databases from the OVHcloud Terraform provider.

Terraform code example
Mathieu Garcia
29 November 2022

How to deploy a Web cloud database with OVHcloud terraform provider.

Thoughts about digital factory
Mathieu Garcia
01 June 2022

Passionate about digital factory topic, I share some personal ideas about how things may get done...


  • FrenchNative speaker
  • EnglishFluent speaker


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